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DigiShade Pro

Product Code: 501-561

The DigiShade Pro is a fully built "Tent Like" shade that easily connects to the DigiPlate Pro. It is fully collapsible for easy storage and assembles quickly. One of the biggest challenges of tethered photography is battling the sun and other light sources. The DigiShade Pro features an ultra lightweight aluminum frame that attaches right to the DigiPlate Pro and does not interfere with any other DigiPlate functions. The water repellent Cordura shade features a pop out rear back to allow for tilting your laptop display and also a removable front viewing panel for those ultra sunny locations like the beach and snow. The shade contains 4 internal pockets for equipment storage, i.e. hard drives and card readers.

**Not compatible with DigiPlate Pro V1 and V2, or DigiPlate Lite**.

Product Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

In The Box:
DigiShade Pro | Velcro Storage Bag | Instructions


- Strong and lightweight aluminum frame
- Frame is removable and collapses for transport
- Shade is constructed of water repellent 400 Denier Corder fabric
- DigiShade Pro comes with an optional front door for ultra darkness, and attaches securley to the DigiPlate Pro in seconds
- Not compatible with DigiPlate Pro V1 and V2, or DigiPlate Lite
- Made in USA

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