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DigiClamps – Laptop Universal

Product Code: 501-820

DigiClamps keep your laptop secured to the DigiPlate. The cheese plate design allows the clamps to be positioned to allow just about any laptop to be used with the DigiPlate. Each clamp is secured to the DigiPlate using large thumb screws making clamping both easy on the fingers and very secure. The custom rubber pads make sure your laptop will not slip out from underneath. The DigiClamps can accommodate computers, including Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, ranging in size from 0.375in - 1.0in in height.

Kit includes:
DigiClamps - Laptop Clamps | Height-Adjustable Shims | 4 Thumbscrews | Mounting Instructions


In stock (can be backordered)

- Custom clamps with specially formulated pads will not let go of your laptop
- Custom clamps available for virtually any laptop up to 15″
- Custom stainless steel hardware makes securing the clamps effortless
- Compatible with all DigiPlates
- Clamps come in pairs
- Constructed of 5052 aluminum
- Anodized Black
- Made in USA

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