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Scout Travel Case

Product Code: 500-820 | 500-822 | 500-823 | 500-823SL

The Scout Travel Case is a light-weight Cordura and ripstop nylon slip cover designed to keep your Scout EVO and Scout NXT protected when in its collapsed configuration. The travel case will keep scratches and wear and tear to a minimum. It is not intended to protect against major impacts. If you are a Scout owner, the travel case is a perfect accessory to keep your cart clean and scratch free while in transport. The travel case incorporates reinforced handles along with a clear shipping pouch on the front and business card holder on the side. The travel case is available for all Scout EVO and NXT carts.

Scout 31 EVO: 32"L x 18"W x 8"H
Scout 37 EVO & NXT: 38"L x 24.5"W x 8"H
Scout 42 EVO SL & NXT: 42.5"L x 28.5"W x 8"H

Product Weight:
Scout 31 EVO: 3.5 lbs
Scout 37 EVO & NXT: 4.5 lbs
Scout 42 EVO SL & NXT: 6 lbs

Shipping Weight:
Scout 31 EVO: 6 lbs
Scout 37 EVO & NXT: 8 lbs
Scout 42 EVO SL & NXT: 10 lbs

Kit Includes:
Scout Travel Case

Keep your Scout protected with our light weight durable travel case. Designed for the traveling Scout owner, the travel case is designed to protect the Scout during the transport and storage. The travel case features additional carrying handles on either side and a shipping label and business card holder. The travel case is available for the three Scout sizes.

From $200.00

- Made in the USA from black Cordura material
- Shipping label pocket
- Business card pocket
- Pair of heavy duty handles
- Compatible with 2nd Generation Scout and Scout EVO

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