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DIT – Outrigger Leveling System

Product Code: 500-600

INOVATIV's 4-Post Outriggers are unique and the only leveling system for an equipment cart in the market. They are NOT designed to stabilize the cart from moving, they are designed to level your work surface on terrain that is uneven. There is 12" of height adjustment.

The system works by lowering the outriggers to the ground and tightening the locking levers. Furthermore, the leveling feet adjust to the grounds unevenness. This accessory is only applicable to Ranger and Echo equipment carts and does require minimal installation.

Dimensions: 18"L x 5.5"W x 1.5"H (each part)

Product Weight: 8 lbs
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs

Ranger / Echo Kit Includes:
2x Additional Channel Blocks, 4x Locking Levers, 4x Channel Block Spikes w/Locking Levers, 4x Outrigger Legs equipped With Leveling Feet, Mounting Hardware.


- Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
- Outrigger legs anodized INOVATIV orange
- Channel Blocks and Channel Block Spikes anodized black
- Up to 12" of height adjustment
- Provides the cart a way to adjust to the unevenness of the ground

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