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INOVATIV is pleased to announce a new service that compliments our product line.


INOVATIV takes pride in providing our customers with excellent product  support and customer service through sales and continued attention over the life of our products. We are aware that often work in the field can be grueling and demanding on both operator and their equipment and our products eventually do suffer some aggravated wear and tear. For this reason, we would like to ensure that all users of INOVATIV products are aware that we do offer maintenance and repair services.


At this time, bringing your INOVATIV cart and accessories into our facility is the first step to freshening up the product. For those who live or work in the Southern California area this will be relatively easy. To our international customers, we are working on the logistics of offering this to you as well.


You can consult with us as to what issues, if any, that you may be experiencing and we can decide the best course of action from there. For those taking the maintenance approach, we offer two service options.


 1. $29.00 General Inspection: Brakes (manual and hydraulic), hinge brackets, tubes and hardware are inspected. We lubricate, adjust and fill air pressure to all recommended optimal operation levels. You cart is then detailed.


2. $199.00 Pro Service: Hydraulic brake flush, manual brake adjustment, tubes and hinge brackets are inspected, adjusted and tightened. Tires, hubs, and casters are serviced and checked for proper wear. Top and bottom shelf carpet is replaced and the cart is detailed.


The customer should allow 45 minutes for the General Inspection service and 1-2 days for the Pro Service to be completed. During this time we invite you to explore our new accessories and options we offer as well as updates to the cart design if you own an older model. In the coming years we hope to offer our customers the opportunity to trade-in their carts for newer models. This will allow for interested buyers on tighter budget to acquire an INOVATIV cart and systems we offer.


Our products are made specifically to suit your needs and intended to be the most durable of equipment. Please contact to inquire more about this service.