The Heart of the Digiplate System

The DigiPlate tethering system is based on the tried and true “cheese plate” design used by professional photographers and cinematographers. With 161 holes tapped at the very common 3/8-16 thread size, the DigiPlate Pro is virtually limitless when it comes to expandability. Even the ultra portable DigiPlate Lite has 21 holes for expansion and customization. DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite Dimensions: 17.50 x 11.125 x 0.250 inches, DigiPlate Pro weighs approximately 4lbs, DigiPlate Lite weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.

Specially designed clamps are the beginnings for mounting laptops (up to 15″) and hard drives to the DigiPlate system. Custom brackets allow a DigiPlate to be mounted to tripods, light stands and other common photography equipment. And, because the 3/8-16 tap is an industry standard size, the DigiPlate system is already compatible with dozens of already existing third-party products.

Unbreachable Clamps

Custom clamps keep your laptop and accessories secured to the DigiPlate system. The cheese plate design allows the clamps to be positioned to allow just about any laptop to be used with a DigiPlate. Each clamp is secured to a DigiPlate using large thumb screws making clamping both easy on the fingers and very secure. The custom rubber pads make sure your laptop and accessories will not slip out from underneath. Clamps come in a variety of sizes to accommodate most laptops and accessories.

Cable Management

The DigiPlate system’s cable management system helps prevent down time and damaged equipment. If you’re lucky, a yanked out cable means just a little down time while you reconnect. If you’re not so lucky, a yanked cable sometimes means a broken port on your laptop. Our cable management system uses a simple friction system that keeps cables put and gives you one less thing to worry about on shoot day.

Hard Drive Space

One of the advantages of the DigiPlate system’s cheese plate design is the endless configurations that are possible. Hard drives, routers, card readers and anything else you might need to accompany your laptop can be clamped to both the DigiPlate Pro and ultra portable DigiPlate Lite.


In addition to the DigiPlate Pro’s built-in handle, our ultimate goal was to create a system that could be transported securely inside a carrying case. To do this, INOVATIV teamed up with SKB cases to create the strongest and safest way to transport your DigiPlate Pro system. We chose the SKB 3i-2011-7b case because it is nearly bullet-proof and is the largest case you can use as a Carry-On with most airlines. The DigiCase Pro is gasketed, waterproof, dust-tight, extremely durable, and has a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport. Our much anticipated DigiCase Compact will be released in the Spring of 2017 and offer a smaller case solution that is compatible for both the DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite. Both cases are outfitted with brackets to mount the DigiPlate’s safely inside creating a seemless flight-ready computer / equipment case. A DigiPlate with laptop, and computer accessories connected, will stow securley inside the both cases.

Bullet Proof

Almost all of the DigiPlate system components are made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum which makes everything very strong and very light weight. We have a limited lifetime warranty on all the DigiPlate components which covers any manufacturing defects. The expandability of the DigiPlate system’s design hopefully means a DigiPlate will be part of your photo arsenal for quite some time.

Get Out of the Light

One of the biggest challenges of tethered photography is battling the sun and other light sources. The DigiShade features an ultra lightweight aluminum frame that attaches right to the DigiPlate Pro and does not interfere with any other DigiPlate functions. The tall front opening says “goodbye” to the days of constantly being crouched over when using inferior shades. The water repellent Cordura shade features a pop out rear back to allow for tilting your laptop display and also a removable front viewing panel for those ultra sunny locations like the beach and snow.