DigiCase Pro for transporting DigiPlate Pro

INOVATIV teamed up with SKB cases to create the strongest and safest way to transport your DigiPlate Pro system. We chose the SKB 3i-2011-7b case because it is nearly bullet-proof and is the largest case you can use as a Carry-On with most airlines. The DigiCase Pro is gasketed, waterproof, dust-tight, extremely durable, and has a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport.

The DigiCase Pro has custom hardware that suspends the DigiPlate Pro in the middle of the case. This allows you to keep all your accessories and laptop mounted to the DigiPlate Pro.

Below the DigiPlate Pro you have 20x11x6 inches of storage space. Enough space to stow all your cables, hard drives, cameras, lenses, tools and a DigiShade Pro or Lite.

The DigiCase Pro support brackets keep the plate suspended and positioned. The lid hardware clamps the DigiPlate Pro firmly to the support brackets. You could throw the DigiCase Pro down a flight of stairs (not recommended but stuff happens) and the DigiPlate Pro will be in the same safe position as you placed it.

The DigiCase can also serve as a base for your DigiPlate Pro when you are on the move and don’t have the luxury of a stand or cart for your DigiPlate. Both DigiShades (Pro and Lite) can be used in this configuration with no interference from the case. When you move to your next location, you can stow the shades in the case