The DigiCamera Plate has three friction slots to hold on to your tether cable. Most professional cables only need two of the slots to hold tension and to keep your tether cable from moving around. Slick or thin cables sometimes requires weaving your cable through all three tension slots. There are no knobs or cumbersome latches to secure—simply weave your cable through the tension slots and connect it to your camera. Attaching and detaching your tether cable just takes a few seconds.

The DigiCamera Plate attaches to the bottom of your DSLR and uses a friction system to keep tether cables from pulling out the dainty connectors that most tether cables are equipped with. The friction system is so effective, you can actually carry the camera around by the tether cable. Our founder is a working commercial photographer and regularly lowers ten pound cameras to his assistants from atop ladders, cherry pickers, etc. (they don’t like it—it makes them nervous).

The DigiCamera Plate has three mounting slots so you can adjust where the plate aligns on your camera base. If you use the widely popular Arca Swiss style quick release tripod plates, we offer a custom quick release plate that matches perfectly with the DigiCamera Plate.