About Us

There is a saying that you can not let yourself be restrained with inadequate equipment. And that is exactly what INOVATIV’s owner and founder Pat Blewett thought when he set out to design an equipment cart. Frustrated with the poor design and quality of the equipment carts available in the marketplace, Blewett set out to build the perfect cart with the help of an experienced fabricator. This first cart was not designed with the idea of starting a company; it was designed to answer a personal need. As Blewett used the finished equipment cart it caught the eye of many in the industry. Word quickly spread and many inquiries were received about its availability, and INOVATIV was born.

Fast forward to today. INOVATIV innovates, designs and builds the very best professional equipment cart solutions in the marketplace. Our carts are now being used around the clock and around the world by working professionals. Our Scout, Echo, and Ranger carts continue to set the benchmark for innovative, practical design; high quality construction and durability.

Our Pledge to Customer Satisfaction

INOVATIV was founded by creating a solution to a problem and is how we continue to work to this day. We listen to our customers and create equipment cart solutions that exceed their expectations. It is our commitment to excel in providing products and services that positively impact our customers’ experience.

Self-Locking Adjustable Shelving System (SLAS)

The SLAS (Self-Locking Adjustable Shelving) system is a proprietary design created by the INOVATIV team. The ability to collapse, extend, and adjust is only available with this patented design. The SLAS system allows for a smoother more compact configuration that works amazingly well for each design we build. With over 10” of height adjustable shelving in 2” increments you are able to configure to each setup. Using a self-lubricating rod end and 6061 aircraft tubing, our SLAS system allows for perfect fit every time.

Brakes and Wheel System

After so many years of using step-type wheel brakes, the designers at INOVATIV were determined to create a new standard for equipment cart braking. With the introduction of hydraulic disk brakes, braking is now more efficient and powerful. Our brakes utilize a single lever to actuate two separate 1-piston calipers to clamp down on two 4” stainless steel rotors. In every sense, our brakes are so powerful they will never be underpowered.

In addition to unmatched braking, the designers at INOVATIV have created an amazing wheel assembly more associated with aircraft design. By using 6061 T6 aluminum to mill each inch of our wheel housing and then supplying each with 100% sealed wheel bearings, our carts have simply unparalleled agility. We re-designed and machined the interior hubs of the wheel as well to ensure balanced rotation giving improved rolling resistance and wear.